Guide Corps

A wealth of talent, passion and personality is the core asset of our business. Get to know our instructors by clicking through any of the images or links below.
We look forward to meeting you!

Kevin Bergstrom
SENIOR Instructor

Sheep rancher, family man and tenured NOLS instructor whose quiet presence speaks volumes. Learn More

Jerry Dryer
Assistant instructor

Unmatched experience in experiential, outside-the-box education, supplemented with an enormous heart and a calm, abiding presence. Learn More

Kyle Harding
Lead Instructor

A trained educator specializing in outdoor and special education, Kyle brings unmatched psych to climbing and bouldering days. Learn More

Kat Floyd
lead instructor

Paramedic, bold climber, resident dirtbag and queen of the gun show! Learn More

Sarah Geers
lead instructor

A formidable environmental defender and serial over-achiever, there's no better debating partner.  Learn More


Aaron Gustafson
Assistant instructor

A passionate ice climber more at home in the mountains than in his living room, Aaron’s gentle disposition quells butterflies nerves and inspires us all toward greatness.

Angela Limbach
Assistant instructor

Passionate climber, Adventure Rock instructor and USA Ice Climbing competitor. Learn More

Dawson Robb
Lead Instructor

Dry humor, keen insight and climbing passion. Hold the vegetables, please. Learn More

James Schroeder
lead instructor

Witty, heavily-caffeinated character who possibly loves climbing more than anything. Learn More

Michal Watson
Lead instructor

Quite possibly the nicest, craftiest math teacher on the planet. And with extremely good taste. Learn More

Nick Wilkes

Founder, photographer, writer, janitor, snacker, and ardent conversationalist who just loves this stuff. Learn More

Scott Wilton
Lead instructor

Teacher, problem solver and world-class unicycling champion. Learn More