Rules and policies help keep the world spinning straight. Please review ours below:

General Guidelines

Our maximum guide-to-client ratio is 6 to 1. Minimum climber age is 6 years old. We have no restrictions regarding maximum age or weight, but we do reserve the right to prevent any client from participating in any activity if we determine the client's safety, or the safety of others, is in jeopardy.

Trip Cancellations

Your trip is 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to departure. Once inside the 30-day window (up to 48 hours in advance), cancellations are subject to a 25% administration fee.*

Cancellations within 48 hours of trip departure are non-refundable (excepting rain, see below). We recommend purchasing trip insurance to avoid losing money due to emergencies or changes in your travel plans. We cannot refund your trip inside the cancellation window due to illness or injuries of yourself or members of your group, as we have turned away other clients so we could run your trip.

* Special limited-enrollment courses like AMGA Single Pitch InstructorWilderness First Responder and Adventure Day Camp are non-refundable once students have paid their course deposits unless another student is willing to take their spot in class.

Rain Cancellations

Our clients have myriad opinions on rain; some shrug it off, others really don't like it. Can climbing on a rainy day be enjoyable? Yes. Is wet rock more difficult to climb? Absolutely. Here's the policy:

If the weather forecast calls for greater than a 40% chance of rain within 24 hours of your trip start time, you may reschedule for a different date at no charge or cancel for a 75% refund. If there is not at least a 41% chance of rain, you may not cancel for weather reasons. Rain cancellations or rescheduling must occur at least 90 minutes before scheduled trip departure.

If DLCG cancels your trip for rain or lightning while a trip is in progress, we will reschedule the trip for another date at no additional charge or you may request a 50% refund.

Instructor Cancellations

On rare occasions, we must cancel a trip or course due to an instructor illness or family emergency. In such cases, we endeavor to notify clients as soon as possible, though the nature of illness and personal emergencies often leaves little room for prior notice. If we cannot find a another instructor for your trip, we will refund you immediately OR rescheduled you for another date, at your preference. We do not offer refund for accommodations, travel, or other expenses beyond our immediate control in such situations. Purchasing travel/trip insurance can help you avoid losing money due to such emergencies.