Youth Climbing for
Scouts, Schools & Teams

Personal challenge, trust-building, teamwork and exciting new experiences...a climbing day pretty much checks off all the boxes on any youth group activity checklist. We have over a decade building and executing climbing trips for youth groups of all stripes, and we love to help you brainstorm to solve logistics, budget and strategy problems. Schedule a climbing day for your kids, they will thank you for it!



All youth climbing trips include:

  • All technical equipment (harness, helmet, shoes) & instruction
  • Maximum 5:1 climber/instructor ratio
  • 5-6 hours of rock climbing and instruction
  • Everyone learns how to tie in, belay, and climb
  • Enough ropes/routes for everyone to be actively involved at all times


Typical activities on group climbing days:

  • Size and outfit all climbers with personal equipment at trailhead
  • 15-20 minutes hike to cliff area, often up steep terrain
  • Belay and tie-in instruction in small break-out groups
  • Students belay with instructor supervision and backup
  • Students climb 3 to 6 routes on 25' - 85' cliffs 
We had a great time! At the end of the camp-out, we do “roses and thorns” and overwhelmingly the roses were the time spent with your team. The adults noted how this took them out of their comfort zone and the kids were generally nervous...which is exactly what I was looking for this outing to do... so often we do “safe” activities. I’m hoping we can do this every couple years and you’ll definitely be our guides!
— Matt
Group Climbing Options

Itineraries provide a general idea of what is possible; the actual details of your event will be tailored to your group needs. We have worked with hundreds of youth groups over the years and will gladly offer suggestions regarding typical budget and logistics challenges. Please inquire!

Full-Day Climbing

Join us for a fun, educational day where everyone learns foundational skills like knots, belaying and safety communication and gets to climb a variety of routes to explore what climbing is all about.

  • Climb multiple routes of cliffs 25' - 85' high

  • Opportunities to belay under instructor supervision

  • Rappelling is often available upon request

  • Meet at 7:30 AM, back to the trailhead around 3:30 PM

Pricing from $75/climber, minimum group size 10 or more.

Split Day Climbing

Half your group climbs in the morning, then the other half climbs in the afternoon. Great solution for larger groups looking to try multiple activities and climb at a lower cost.

  • Same climbing opportunities as full day, but less time/fewer routes

  • AM group climbs 7:30 - 11:00; PM group climbs 11:15 - 2:45

  • Consider splitting climbing with paddle boarding for a fantastic day of active adventure and skill-building

Pricing from $59/climber, minimum group size 20 or more.


Rock Climbing is one of the most adventurous, challenging, and rewarding activities a Scout troop can embark upon. As former Scouts and trained educators, we are proud to offer group rock climbing program that exceeds BSA/GSUSA requirements and delivers a unique and empowering experience to your Scouts. We have climbed with many troops throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa and are proud to be the official climbing partners for BSA Scout Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford, Wisconsin.

In addition to group climbing, we offer curriculum specifically tailored to the Scouts BSA Climbing Merit Badge. Please see our Climbing Merit Badge page for specific details.

Our 5th grade Girl Scout troop did a climbing day with Nick and his crew. None of the girls had been climbing before and all said they would love to go back and try it again. I would highly recommend them to any Scout or youth group looking for a new experience, some team-building, confidence-building and a different way to enjoy the outdoors.
— Gretel
Girl Scouts

We love running rock climbing events for Girl Scouts and would love your troop to join us. We strive to staff Girl Scout trips with female instructors whenever possible to provide your girls with confident and competent female role models. Girls Scouts does not offer a rock climbing Activity Badge, but we always manage to have a fantastic time anyways!

We are the exclusive rock climbing partners of the Girl Scouts of Badgerland Wisconsin. Check their activity calendar for the next Open Group dates, or book your own private trip or course.