Devils Lake Climbing Guides is a small, local guide service committed to offering quality climbing days on the quartzite bluffs and crags of Devils Lake State Park. We welcome beginners, youngsters, oldsters, rusty climbers, and long-time rock jocks to join us for the amazing experience rock climbing can be. You don't have to be a good climber to have a lot of fun rock climbing.

I started Devils Lake Climbing Guides because I love climbing, teaching, and spending quality time with people outside. I get a huge kick out of opening up the world of Wisconsin rock climbing to couples, families, friends, and co-workers who have dreamed about scaling vertical walls, but may be intimidated by the "extreme" veneer of the climbing world. While climbing CAN be scary and extreme, the style of climbing we do at Devils Lake is low-risk, friendly, and a lot of fun. If you like being outside, using your body, and trying new things, you will probably really enjoy a rock climbing day.

Meeting brand new people and trusting them with your safety is a big deal - we know that. So we do everything we can to earn your trust and help you feel taken care of during your time with us. At the same time, we want to help you have an authentic climbing experience where you learn a lot and gain real climbing skills you can use down the line. We'll help you learn the belaying, climbing, and communications skills climbers use all over the globe. Once you get a taste of the climbing world, we bet you'll come back for more.

Thank you so much for a truly perfect time at Devils lake with Sarah and Luke. I had no idea what to expect but I could not have asked for more. I loved the instruction almost as much as the climbing itself.
— Mari
Nick Wilkes: Owner and Lead Guide, Devils Lake Climbing Guides, Baraboo, Wisconsin

See you at the crag!

Nick Wilkes
Owner, Lead Guide
Devils Lake Climbing Guides