Destination Outdoors w/ Lauren Magiera on WGN Chicago

Sports anchor and reporter Lauren Magiera and videographer Steve Scheuer from WGN Chicago came up to Devil’s Lake in June 2019 to film a pilot for Lauren’s new show, Destination Outdoors. Nick took them up to Brinton’s Buttress on a rainy morning to introduce Lauren to some classic East Rampart routes and talk about why Devil’s Lake is such a great place to climb.

An accomplished outdoors woman, Lauren is most at home hunting and fishing. However, as a former college gymnast, Lauren had not problem climbing Brinton’s Crack, even on a wet day with even less friction than usual available on the rock.

Click here for the complete show, which includes some great sequences on fishing and youth archery.

Note: Drones are illegal to operate without a permit at Devil’s Lake. Please contact the main Park office to inquire about applying for permission.