Guide to Private Baraboo Campgrounds

Devil's Lake State Park campgrounds book up quickly, so clients often ask us about private camping options outside the Park. We made this resource page for those researching Baraboo campgrounds within 15-20 minutes of Devil's Lake. We did our best to create an all-inclusive, accurate, and comprehensive listing, but information changes and the campground websites are the ultimate place for current & accurate information.

Note that most Baraboo campgrounds have off-season and summer rates. Though dates differ somewhat, most define "summer" as Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Many campgrounds require 2-night stays for weekend reservations, and 3-night stays for holiday weekends reservations.


Baraboo Hills
Email | (608) 356-8505 | Sites $35/46*
Heated pool, tons of activities on-site.

Dell Boo
Email | (608) 356-5898 | Sites $40
Heated pool, tennis courts.

Double K-D Ranch
Email | (608) 434-0346 | Sites $5/$22.50*
Least expensive, but pretty rough.

Fox Hill
Email | (608) 356-5890 |  Sites $34/41*
Heated pool, disc golf, many on-site activities.

Green Valley
No Email | (608) 355-0090 | Sites $10/adult OR barter
Spring-fed pond, 35 acres, barter.

Merry Mac's
No Email | (608) 493-2367 | Sites $25
Pool, beach, mini golf, tons of activities on-site.

Red Oak
Email | (608) 356-7304 | Sites $10/adult + $2/child

Sky High
Email | (608) 742-2572 | Sites $28/36*
Great views, pool, arcade, really well kept.

Email | (608) 393-3656

Email | (608) 356-4877 | Sites $28/32*
Quiet, natural, great owners, climbing shop.

* Two prices ($xx/$yy) for campgrounds and cabins indicate seasonal pricing. The first price is off-season (usually from Labor Day to Memorial Day) while the second price is for the Summer season.

Campers and Campground Owners: If you have updated information on any of these campgrounds, please let us know and we will edit accordingly.

Greater Baraboo Campgrounds Map

This map summarizes Baraboo campgrounds and others in the greater Devils Lake area. Click on any of the blue markers, and a campground will pop up with contact information and links to reviews. We have purposefully excluded Wisconsin Dells campgrounds, as there are too many to list and typically 25-30 minutes away from the Park.