Lodging Accommodations in the Baraboo, WI Area

Baraboo lodging runs the gammut from no-frills motels to vacation house rentals to high-end bed and breakfasts, with many options in between. Your best choice depends not only on your budget, but the size of your group and the other activities you're hoping to tackle during your visit. This listing includes many of the lodging options in the Baraboo area; most are within 15 minutes of Devils Lake. If you prefer to camp, please see our page on camping information.

Note: Hotels, B&Bs and house rentals are often booked months to years ahead of time for popular times of year (May through October). If you are planning a Devil's Lake trip and need a place to stay, search your lodging options early and nail this down first. We can't tell you how many people plan their activities first, then have to cancel or alter plans due to limited accommodations options.

Baraboo HOTELS

No Email | (608) 356-1100  | Rates vary | TripAdvisor
Two miles west of downtown Baraboo on Highway 12. Your average chain hotel. Large number of rooms make it a better bet something is available on a busy summer weekend. Pool and hot tub are plusses. 10 minutes to Devil's Lake State Park.

No Email | (608) 356-6422 | Rates vary | TripAdvisor
Same deal as the Best Western (above). Chain hotel on Highway 12, convenient access to Baraboo and Wisconsin Dells. A place to sleep and swim with good availability.

No Email | (800) 472-6670 | Rates vary | TripAdvisor
Tucked into the foot of the Baraboo Hills just east of Devil's Lake State Park, Devil's Head is a world away from the bustle of town. The area's only true "resort" experience, Devil's Head offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an 18-hole golf course and mountain biking with ski-lift service. 1970-era building and grounds could use more updates/improvements, but with 230 rooms they are a sure bet to have availability. A mere 5 minute drive from the southeast entrance to Devil's Lake and walking distance to Parfey's Glen.

Email | (888) 356-5474 | $45-$60/night | TripAdvisor
Well-rated, no-frills family-owned motel on Highway 33 in east Baraboo. Exactly what you should expect for the price. Clean. 15 minutes drive to Devil's Lake State Park.


Email | (800) 360-5003 | $65-$70/night | TripAdvisor
Well-rated, no-frills family-owned motel on Highway 33 in east Baraboo. Exactly what you should expect for the price. Clean. 15 minutes drive to Devil's Lake State Park.

Email |  (608) 356-7757 | $50-130/night | TripAdvisor
The closest accommodations to the Park, WilloWood is an affordable, quirky, family-owned hotel. Each room is uniquely decorated with an interesting theme, which lends a campy-yet-endearing feel to the place. After a evening of good food and brews at The Barn (across the street), it's nice to sit on the porch at sunset and enjoy the community of this classic hotel. Two-minute drive to north entrance of Devil's Lake State Park.

Baraboo BEd & Breakfasts

Email | (608) 356-9432 | $125/night
Great vintage home in the heart of Baraboo. Very sweet owners, I would feel comfortable leaving my children with them. I think new owners took over in 2014, but the B&B is still in business as far as I know.

No Email | (608) 356-3489 | $99-145 | TripAdvisor
Quiet, rural place on a large piece of land on the Baraboo river. The 70s/80s-style ranch home is full of thoughtful touches. Visitors will enjoy a private pond surrounded by mature pines, plus lots of room to stretch your legs. On Highway 33, only 15 minutes to Devil's Lake State Park.

Email | (608) 524-4333 | $89-109 | | TripAdvisor
Situated in nearby Reedsburg, Parkview is a good option for westward visitors. 30 minutes west of Devil's Lake State Park.

Email | (608) 592-0362 | $99-229 | | TripAdvisor
Kind innkeepers offer two charmingly restored Victorian homes in Lodi, south across the Wisconsin River from Devil's Lake. Walking distance to restaurants and shops in downtown Lodi. 30 minutes south of Devil's Lake State Park (or more, depending how lucky you are with the Merrimac Ferry). 

Email | (877) 572-9877 | $125 - 160 | | TripAdvisor
Great for couples looking to create a romantic, active Spring Green/Devils Lake weekend. Exquisitely renovated historic home with tasteful, classic decor. Great distance to American Player's Theater, Taliesin, House on the Rock, and downtown Spring Green. Walking distance to downtown Mazomanie. Black Earth Creek flows through the backyard! 35 minutes to Devil's Lake State Park.

Email | (608) 355-9899 | $199 - 279 | | TripAdvisor
This inn is probably the most luxurious in the Baraboo area. Enjoying a high vista atop the Baraboo Hills, you can see the Madison capitol, the Wisconsin River, and the high hills of Blue Mound State Park from the back porch. Exquisitely decorated with modern furnishings and art, these accommodations suit those with exacting standards. Five minutes from Devil's Lake State Park.


Email | (630) 510-0708 | 4 beds, 2 baths | $295/night
60 seconds from the North Park entrance

Email | (608) 963-1372 | 2 beds, 1 bath | $150/night
Borders the Park, away from town

Email | (608) 963-3912 | 5 beds, 4 baths, $475/night
30 seconds from the North Park entrance

Email | (608) 448-6019 | 5 beds, 3.5 baths | $325 - $475/night
Well-appointed, largest local rental, reviews

Email | (608) 356-8113 | Single and double rooms, cottages | $55 - $125/night
One of the most interesting historic properties in the county. Owned privately by a settler and artist for many years, this quiet, rural property later became a Catholic monastery. The old monastery is now run as a non-profit organization, renting out rooms and cottages to those fortunate enough to discover it. Grounds offer a gorgeous creek, a gorge similar to Parfey's Glen, and trails to explore and enjoy. 15 minutes east of Devil's Lake State Park.

Email | (608) 493-2440 | 2 bed/1 bath and 3 bed/2 bath options | $199 - $419/night
Nearby hideaway tucked in the Baraboo Hills on Hwy DL. Old-school log cabins, lovingly maintained. 3 minutes to Devil's Lake State Park.

Baraboo Lodging Owners: If you have updated information on any of these accommodations, please let us know and we will edit accordingly.

Locator Map for Baraboo Hotel, B&B and Rental Options

This map summarizes Baraboo hotels, bed & breakfasts, and house rentals in the greater Devils Lake area. Click on any of the markers, and a Baraboo lodging option will pop up with contact information and links to reviews. Baraboo hotels have green markers, B&Bs have blue markers, and hotels have pink ones. We have purposefully excluded Wisconsin Dells accommodations, as there are too many to list and typically 25-30 minutes away from the Park.