Apples and More at Ski-Hi Fruit Farm


Visiting Ski-Hi Apple Orchard is a weekly habit this time of year. If you are in the Devils Lake area in September or October, it's worth stopping by this awesome Wisconsin apple orchard to check out the wares. Ski-Hi offers 30 varieties of apples over the course of the fall (different apples ripen at different times), but also carries bountiful apple derivates like apple butter, caramel apples, apple pie, cider, and my personal favorite, apple turnovers. They also have a bunch of other delectations like gourds, maple syrup, etc... the kind of stuff you'd expect at an autumn seasonal market. You can't pick your own apples here, but it's still a great stop. There is ample seating inside the warehouse-style store, or you can sit on picnic tables or the grass outside.

Down the hill a piece, you can find a homestead built by John Weidenkopf in the 1850s. Weidenkopf wrapped up his Civil War tour, came back to Wisconsin, and took this 160-acre plot as his army retirement bonus. Nice choice, John. Weidenkopf and his wife, Florentine, raised twelve (yes, twelve) kids in this small house, though I have no idea how they survived the winters together. The Weidenkopfs sold to Arthur Kamp Bassett in 1907, and he promptly felled the forest and replaced it with apple trees. Ski-Hi has been a family-owned apple orchard ever since.

Wisconsin apple orchard Ski-Hi (pronounced Sky High) is open seven days/week, 8 AM to 5 PM, from the last week in August through November. Reach them by phone at 608.356.3695. Directions here. If you are looking for pick-your-own and don't already have a favorite, we really like Door Creek and Eplegaarden orchards south of Madison.