Post-Anchor Course Report

Shannon & Jerem
Shannon & Jerem

As an instructor, this is the kind of letter you love to get from students a week after their course. Shannon and Jeremy took what they learned and got out again ASAP to practice, which is essential to making the anchor concepts we learned in class stick in their minds. Yes, it helps to take a great climbing anchors course with a skilled instructor, but in the end the onus is on the student to practice, practice, practice to nail down the concepts and skills. Nice work, you two!


We had a great outing at Devil's Lake yesterday! We built 6 anchors - 2 of which we climbed off of.

We started by revisiting the spots that you took us to and making anchors in the same spots. It was amazing how we came up with completely unique systems from those that we built last weekend. Just goes to show that climbing is a sport that can keep us occupied and learning for a long time to come.

We felt great, were super (but not overly) confident, and practiced safety, safety, safety at each site. We built the anchors together this time, and then took time to critique and study what we came up with. The skills we gained from last week's course were very obvious. Thanks again for a great class - can't wait to get back up there and climb again.