Belay Specs: Affordable, Durable Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing

My brother was in town from Salt Lake for a wedding, so we took the opportunity to go climbing and shoot some pictures of the belay glasses he's been developing. Phil is engineering his own model of belay glasses, called Belay Specs, which are both less expensive than the imported European equivalents, and much stronger/durable than cheap plastic models available elsewhere.

Like many, I was skeptical about belay glasses. Not only do they look silly, but are they really necessary? Once I actually tried a pair on, however, my perspectives changed quickly, inside and out. My first impression was the glasses are incredibly clear and crisp, providing 100% acuity of whatever I was looking at. It's also really easy to either look through the prisms OR use your peripheral vision to see "normally" to the sides, below, or above the prisms. Belay glasses aren't really useful for the first 20' or so of the climb, when it's not much strain to watch your climber anyways. Above this, however, they are really fun to use: your climber can be 40, 60, 80 feet up, and you can look right at them by looking straight ahead with zero neck strain.

The frames are laser-cut steel, strong enough to endure a jammed-pack rucksack, but also bendable to adjust to your facial contours for a custom fit. Phil ships them inside a nice hard-plastic case for safe transport to and from the crag. If you're interested in trying a pair out, head over to Belay Specs online store for more details and purchase information. Good work, brother!