Why does camp cost so much?

We understand Adventure Camp costs more than many other summer day camp options, but you have to compare apples to apples here… we are doing something very different from other summer camp programs. We are going on real adventures each day, where students use get to exercise judgment and make decisions involving real risks. Students have told us nothing else they do during the summer compares to Adventure Camp. How much is that worth?

Consider the value offered by the following:

  • Overnight trip on Thursday - Friday (aka Date Night for parents)

  • 1:6 instructor to staff ratio (find another summer camp that offers this!)

  • Mature, certified, experienced instructors who love working with kids AND are great teachers (these cost more money)

Is financial assistance available?

If you want to attend camp but tuition is beyond your family’s budget, please inquire. We do have tuition assistance available for those in need.

What sort of equipment do your campers use?

We use high-quality equipment from brand-name manufacturers.

Gear Features Brand
Inflatable paddleboards (SUP) Variety of sizes, high-quality build National River Supply (NRS)
SUP youth paddles (carbon fiber) Light and appropriately sized Werner
Personal flotation devices (PFDs) Comfortable & comfortable Astral and NRS
Youth mountain bikes Front-fork shocks Trek
Youth climbing shoes No climbing in sneakers! Sizes down to Kids 8 - 10 La Sportiva
Youth climbing harnesses Padded harnesses for comfort. Full-body harnesses available for kids under 80 lbs. Petzl
Youth climbing helmets Sized for smal heads Petzl

Can students leave early from the overnight trip?

It’s difficult, sometimes impossible. If we are camping on a sandbar island in the middle of the Wisconsin River, there’s not much we can do. When we camp on the Kickapoo, it’s more plausible for parents to pick up their kids, cell service is horrible and we’re not going to arrange the entire group’s day around one student’s soccer game. If you need to pick your student up, it’s on your to coordinate a rendezvous with us. In the case of sickness, family emergency, etc. it’s a different story, but cell service and travel logistics can be difficult nonetheless.

Do students get homesick?

Not often in our experience, but it has happened. For kids who have never slept away from home and/or away from their families, the first time doing so can be surprisingly emotional. We are comfortable helping kids work through the emotions, but we hope kids and parents will discuss the idea before signing up.

Will I be able to keep up?

Yes. We don’t leave anyone behind!

Will it be too easy?

Probably not. If you do find your abilities are well above the group’s, there are always ways we can provide extra challenges.

What happens each day?

The truth is, we don’t know. We have a “standard week” we plan from… sort of what we will do if it’s 75 degrees and sunny every day.

AM - Mountain Biking
PM - Flatwater SUP

Rock Climbing

Moving Water SUP

Thursday / Friday
Overnight Canoe / Camping

But that sort of charmed weather rarely happens! If it rains Sunday, we can’t ride mountain bike trails Monday. If winds are 20 mph, we’ll get hammered on paddleboards in most areas. And if the kids LOVE mountain biking on Monday, we might try to go again on Wednesday. So every week is a new one; we love keeping things flexible.

How do students pee/poop in the woods?

Peeing is a little different for girls than boys. Pooping is the same for everyone! It’s really not too bad, we’ll show you the ropes.

What if the weather is bad?

Someone once said, “There is no bad weather, only bad equipment.” We try to follow this philosophy and bring equipment to deal with rain, wind and hot/cool air and water temperatures.

That said, sometimes weather DOES get really bad. Like tornadoes, 100-year rain storms, etc. Or even less dramatic things, like all-day showers. Sometimes we’ll give up on recreating outside and do something indoors, like climbing at Boulders Gym.

What is the cancellation policy?

We do not refund deposits or tuition. If you must cancel for any reason, we will do our best to move you to a different week that works for your schedule.