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Devils Lake offers the best rock climbing in Wisconsin and the Midwest!

Top-Rope Rock Climbing

Top-Rope Rock Climbing

Bring a date, your family, or a few friends to try rock climbing outdoors on the gorgeous bluffs of Devils Lake State Park. 



Going down? Sliding down a rope is a great way to get there. Great for aspiring adventure racers, canyoneers, or window washers. 



Devils Lake rock climbing is a perfect way for Scouts, students, Meetup groups and corporate colleagues to bond and have fun.

Climb, Camp & Canoe

Climb, Camp & Canoe

Looking for a great adventure weekend? Combine Wisconsin River paddling with Devils Lake rock climbing for an awesome escape.

Anchor Setting

Anchor Setting

Learn to place gear and build your own top-rope anchors so you can climb outdoors safely and confidently on your own. 

Climbing Guide Certification

Climbing Guide Certification

Professional-level training for guides, physical education teachers, camp counselors and organizational risk managers. 

Visiting Devils Lake

There is SO much to see and do in the Baraboo region

Explore a Climbing Day

There's so much that can happen on a Devils Lake climbing day.
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On the Blog

Info on rock climbing, Devils Lake, and more.

The Sandbag Tradition at Devil's Lake

The Sandbag Tradition at Devil's Lake

A few months ago, I felt like I was at the top of my climbing game. I on-sighted my first 5.12 trad lead, and had steadily been ticking off long difficult climbs in Washington, Oregon, and Utah. Reaching this level of fitness took years of practice and required overcoming some long-standing mental barriers.Read More »
Video: A Climbing Day in Under Two Minutes

Video: A Climbing Day in Under Two Minutes

  I think it can be really difficult to imagine what a rock climbing day is like if you've never climbed before. If all you have to feed your imagination is Cliffhanger or Alex Honnold on 60 minutes, you just might get the wrong idea. Man...Read More »
Wheeler's Campground: Quiet, Woodsy Camping Near Devil's Lake

Wheeler's Campground: Quiet, Woodsy Camping Near Devil's Lake

I don't camp at the Devil's Lake often, and when I do it is often last-minute and I can't get a reservation at any of the State Park campgrounds because they fill up so often, especially on the weekends. While out West it's easy to find a quiet piece of public land and sleep in your truck, everything is private property around Devil's Lake, so you have to find a private campground.Read More »

About DLCG

Devils Lake Climbing Guides is a small, local guide service committed to offering quality climbing days on the quartzite bluffs and crags of Devils Lake State Park. We welcome beginners, youngsters, oldsters, rusty climbers, and long-time rock jocks to join us for the amazing experience rock climbing can be. You don't have to be a good climber to have a lot of fun rock climbing.

I started Devils Lake Climbing Guides because I love climbing, teaching, and spending quality time with people outside. I get a huge kick out of opening up the world of Wisconsin rock climbing to couples, families, friends, and co-workers who have dreamed about scaling vertical walls, but may be intimidated by the "extreme" veneer of the climbing world. While climbing CAN be scary and extreme, the style of climbing we do at Devils Lake is low-risk, friendly, and a lot of fun. If you like being outside, using your body, and trying new things, you will probably really enjoy a rock climbing day.

Meeting brand new people and trusting them with your safety is a big deal - we know that. So we do everything we can to earn your trust and help you feel taken care of during your time with us. At the same time, we want to help you have an authentic climbing experience where you learn a lot and gain real climbing skills you can use down the line. We'll help you learn the belaying, climbing, and communications skills climbers use all over the globe. Once you get a taste of the climbing world, we bet you'll come back for more!

"Nick is not only a great guide, but his teaching style is one of the best I've experienced."

Frank Lin

"Nick will make sure you're safe, comfortable, and challenged if you want to be. My two days with Nick motivated me to make climbing a large part of my every-day life. He's a class act."

Mike Hoadley

"Nick accomodated our complicated schedule, focused on the major themes of climbing safely, tailored his instruction to our learning styles and attention spans, and made the day a very enjoyable experience. He exceeded my expectations as a professional and an educator."

Michael Medich

Meet Our Team

Top-notch climbing guides who take you higher!


Head Guide

Founder, photographer, janitor, snacker, and conversationalist.


Lead Guide

Climbs hard, laughs hard, and fosters great relationships.


Lead Guide

Sheep rancher, family man and tenured NOLS instructor.


Assistant Guide

Father, paramedic, and long-time ski hound with a contagious smile.


Lead Guide

Dry humor and climbing passion. Hold the vegetables, please.



Quite possibly the nicest math teacher on the planet.


Assistant Guide

Humble Wyoming attitude with great Midwestern heart.


Leadership Expert

Over a decade in experiential education and leadership training.

We Support

1% of Revenues Support Worthy Non-Profits

Choosing Devil's Lake Climbing Guides means supporting the local and national non-profits that help preserve and improve the integrity of Devil's Lake State Park and its recreational resources. We pledge a minimum of 1% of our revenues toward supporting the following organizations:

FriendsOfDevilsLakeStateParkFriends of Devils Lake State Park

While Devil's Lake State Park is Wisconsin's most-visited state park, it does not get to keep all its receipts toward park staffing, infrastructure, etc. In fact, about 35% of Devil's Lakes revenues go to supporting other Wisconsin state parks, most of which do not make an annual profit. The Friends help bridge the gap between DLSP financial and staffing needs and its budget by partnering with Park staff to complete environmental projects, sponsor educational and recreational activities, and raise funds to support special park needs. If you'd like to support this mission, join the Friends of Devil's Lake State Park now and help Devil's Lake remain a crown jewel of Midwestern parks.

IceAgeTrailAlliance-2Ice Age Trail Alliance

The Ice Age Trail Alliance supports the development, maintainence and protection of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IANST), a 1,000-mile footpath following the southern terminus of Wisconsin's most recent ice age. Perhaps the largest and most ambitious outdoor recreation project in Wisconsin's history, the IAT project has made incredible progress since its birth in 1958 thanks to a core of hard-working volunteers and donors who have worked with government land managers and private landowners to establish a ever-more-continuous hiking trail.

Because the IANST runs through Devil's Lake State Park, it makes Devil's Lake a National Park property so you can use a National Parks pass if you have one. If you'd like to explore the Ice Age Trail, we highly recommend the beautiful new Ice Age Trail Guidebook, redesigned in 2014. To become a member of the Ice Age Trail Alliance or volunteer on a trail project, contact the IATA. They will welcome you with open arms!

American Alpine Club

No other climbing organization works so effectively to promote the welfare of American climbers. Focusing on Advocacy, Community, and Knowledge, the American Alpine Club expands opportunities in so many ways for the U.S. climbing community. Here are a few of our favorite benefits of AAC membership:


Grants: ACC grants financial assistance to both high-profile and average climbers to pursue their dream projects. Local climbing organizations of all kinds can secure AAC conservation grants to improve the environmental quality of their local crags.

Adventure Insurance: All AAC members automatically receive $10,000 of rescue insurance. Does your health insurance plan include helicopter evacuation? This one does.

Lodging: My first interaction with the AAC was staying at the Climbers' Ranch in Grand Teton National Park, where you can't beat the accommodations, camaraderie, or location, let alone the price. The AAC continues to seek out properties proximal to popular climbing areas to improve access for all climbers.

Accident Reports: Accidents in North American Mountaineering is the AAC's annual review of - you guessed it - rock climbing and mountaineering accidents throughout the continent. Accidents are generally self-reported and often include helpful analysis of the incident and how it could have been avoided. A great book to keep on hand in the car, bathroom, or breakfast table, as you can read one or two reports at a time in spare moments to sharpen your risk awareness and future planning.

Leave No Trace logo

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (LNT) teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, and is the most widely accepted outdoor ethics program used on public lands. By creating and spreading principles of minimum impact via workshops, school outreach, community initiatives and publications, LNT increase awareness of human impacts on recreation areas and promotes better care of these areas. LNT has created helpful guidelines specific to most popular outdoor sports, including climbing-specific recommendations for minimizing impact.

Downtown Baraboo

Downtown Baraboo logo

As the gateway community to Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo provides climbers essential resources like grocery stores, coffee shops, gear retailers, restaurants, and overnight accommodations. Like any small town, Baraboo strives to create a rich, vibrant environment for visitors that supports the health of the local economy. Please support Baraboo businesses by providing your patronage and enjoying the great services available locally.

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