Getting There is Half the Fun!

IMG_8994While most of the hikes into Devils Lake climbing areas are on established, paved trails, sometimes we have to do some scrambling to reach our climbing destinations. Rocky, uneven routes are par for the course around the rocky bluffs, so good footwear and free hands are essential for safely negotiating the terrain. A backpack helps you get gear out of your hands and out of the way, and close-toed shoes keep pebbles and dirt away from your feet and protect your toes from dings and stubs.

Fortunately, this kind of scrambling is a ton of fun, and it gets us to off-the-beaten-path places most hikers never find. Once we make our climbing base camp, we generally stick to the same area for the day, setting a group of nearby climbs and enjoying the intimacy of our climbing area. If you really don't like hiking off-trail, let us know your concerns ahead of time so we can choose a climbing area that's easy to access.

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