Morning Yoga Classes

8:00 AM at South shore beach
$15 advance registration, $20 walk-up
Every Saturday, Memorial day thru Labor day

Carla Weissing and her crew from Kingfisher Yoga in Lodi, WI offer yoga classes for anyone interested in starting the day with a good stretch, a moment of relaxation and centering your mind and body to conquer the day ahead! We will be practicing a vinyasa flow, connecting breath and movement.

What to wear

Please wear clothing you feel comfortable and unrestricted in. We practice outside in the elements (whatever they are!), so consider bringing layers so you can adjust if conditions are outside your expectations or you get warm during practice.

What to Bring

If you have a mat or beach towel, bring it otherwise we have a few mats on hand for you to use.. Please bring a water bottle and perhaps a hand towel.

Where We Practice

Find us near the south beach, usually north of the concession buildings on the lawn. If it’s raining, we will relocate to a shelter, if one is not being used.

Who May Join

Everyone and anyone interested in yoga is welcome! No experience necessary and keep in mind, if you have a body, you have a yoga body. Many folks who attend are visiting from afar, while others are locals who practice with us regularly.