Dates TBa for summer 2018

"This course is specifically targeted toward developing better mental focus for leading trad routes. To accomplish this, we need to develop trust in our gear and jamming ability. We’ll develop this trust by falling on gear, moving continuously when jamming, quick and precise gear placement and improving mental focus through application of the Warrior’s Way. You’ll leave knowing how to take appropriate risks on trad routes with improved mental focus." Arno Ilgner

Course limited to six participants.


Participants must be able to lead 5.7 trad at DL without falling or hanging on gear.

Suggested Preparation

Read Espresso Lessons, by Arno Ilgner (course instructor).


Bring usual climbing equipment plus rope and draws. Bring your trad rack if you have one. A helmet is also required.


  • Placing and assessing trad protection
  • Trad jamming skills
  • Trusting trad gear by falling on it
  • Assessing risks effectively, allowing you to take appropriate risks
  • Improve commitment and mental focus
  • Improve safety awareness

Will will not be covering:

  • Equalizing anchors
  • Multi-pitch transitions
  • Other basic trad skills

About the Instructor

Arno Ilgner distinguished himself as a pioneering rock climber in the 1970s and 80s. In 1995, after searching the literature and practice of mental training, Ilgner formalized his methods, created The Warrior’s Way, and began teaching full time. 

Ilgner has taught clinics across the U.S.A. and abroad. He holds a BA in Geology, operated a geological consulting firm, acted as CFO for a company, and attended the Army Ranger School. He lives and climbs in Tennessee.

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