Canoeing on the Wisconsin River

On our Climb, Camp, Canoe weekend trip, you'll spend one or two days (overnight option) paddling down the Wisconsin River. Wisconsin Canoe Company sets up an effortless car shuttle and gets your crew onto the river and on your way. The Wisconsin River is a wide, shallow body of water, making navigation relatively easy and enjoyable for most beginner paddlers. Spend the day alternating between paddling, floating, swimming, and sandbar lounging. You'll pass by hundreds of island sandbars along the way where you can pull up and hang out for a few hours, throw a frisbee, or maybe build a makeshift golf course. Spending an evening sandbar camping is absolutely dreamy and completely free (though you'll have to pay for an extra day of canoe rentals).

If you'd like a guide to provide instruction, risk management, and natural history interpretation for the paddling portion of your trip, Driftless Paddling Guides can help.


Camping in Baraboo

After your paddling trip, head up the road to Devil's Lake to set up camp, relax and unwind. If you're planning far enough ahead, try to score a campsite at Devil's Lake State Park. Since the Park is often booked solid, we recommend Wheeler's Campground, nestled in the wooded Baraboo hills, as a great private camping alternative. Tent sites at Wheeler's include access to hot showers and WiFi.


Rock Climbing at Devil's Lake State Park

The next day, you'll start bright and early at Devil's Lake State Park where Devils Lake Climbing Guides introduces you to the world of rock climbing with an emphasis on safety, learning, and fun. Start out on moderate rock to help you get the feel for vertical movement, then progress at your own pace to similar or more difficult climbing routes. By the end of the day you'll understand the basics of vertical rock climbing so you can feel comfortable climbing at a local gym, tagging along with friends, or coming back for a more advanced climbing trip.


Trip Details

Pricing is based on dates and number of people in your group, but expect around $160/person for a 3 person group or $120/person for 6+ people. This trip includes rental equipment for climbing and canoeing (but not for camping), river shuttle, 5-6 hours on the river, climbing guide, and 5-6 hours of climbing.

If this sounds like your idea of a great time, contact us to arrange your trip.