Why Canyoneering?

Are you planning a canyoneering adventure in the southwest? If so, learning rappelling and anchoring skills in advance can help you explore beginning to intermediate-level canyons on your own once out west. 

Canyoneering is a wonderful, accessible outdoor sport that combines aspects of rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, and route-finding in the desert canyon systems of the Southwestern U.S. (and elsewhere around the world). Canyoneering has grown immensely in popularity over the last two decades because it is amazingly accessible, and visually incredible. Canyoneering skills help every-day people explore some truly amazing places.


Canyon Skills, Not Canyoneering

Let's be clear: There are no real "slot canyons" or canyoneering opportunities at Devil's Lake, nor anywhere in the Midwest. Pewit's Nest is the closest thing to a slot canyon Wisconsin has to offer, and while beautiful, it does not offer much technical difficulty. But you can still learn canyoneering skills at Devil's Lake that translate well to canyon descents you can do as self-guided events in Utah and Arizona. We train aspiring canyoneers in anchoring, rope deployment, rappelling and climbing and spotting skills, essential to any descent of a technical desert slot canyon.


Custom-Tailored Curriculum Based on Your Plans

Here's the concept: You're planning a trip to Utah or Arizona, and you'd like to do some canyoneering while you're there. You could take a class once you're out there, but you will only have a few days and might not have time to fit it all in. Maybe you're nervous about being able to learn everything you need to know in one class. Or maybe you're meeting a group of more experienced friends out there and you'd like to get some experience under your belt beforehand. Whatever your reason is, it has brought you here. If you think we might be able to help, we probably can. Pricing options follow our standard Anchors course curriculum. Contact us to learn more.


Take Your Training Further In Utah

If you'd like to take your training further under the tutelage of an experience canyoneering instructor, we recommend Zion Guru in Zion National Park for 5-star canyoneering experiences around Zion National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.