Roger Fritz


AMGA Single pitch instructor

Being outdoors is in my blood. I am the 12th child from a family of 13, and my parents took the entire tribe on an annual two-week backwoods camping trip to Canada, as well as other shorter trips throughout the year. In junior high and high school, I learned rappelling, rock climbing, camping, hiking, canoeing, spelunking and kayaking with the school outdoor club. My wife, Deb, asked me to senior prom at the old South Lake campground at Devils Lake. The rest is developing history!

Deb and I have three children and three granddaughters. We have always enjoyed taking driving trips and camping along the way. We have done these trips since we were married and have had outdoor experiences throughout North America.

In 1999, Deb and I signed our family up for an indoor climbing class at our local YMCA. After the class, our instructor, Doug Robinson, asked us to help out as volunteers in future classes. He continued to teach us and gave us an opportunity to meet other local climbers. When Doug took us up to Lincoln's Chair and The Pantry at Devil’s Lake the next year, Deb and I got the bug for learning more about outdoor rock climbing. We joined Doug as often as we could and learned more technical skills each time we went. When Doug introduced us to ice climbing, we could climb outdoors year round!

I have been teaching intro to climbing, anchors and lead climbing at our local YMCA since 2003 and continue to date. Deb and I have a local group of people we go on mountaineering trips with. We have gone on trips throughout the world. We all bring our unique skills on these trips affording opportunities to lead. I have hired AMGA guides in Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Junction, Las Vegas, New River Gorge, Red River Gorge KY and Devil’s Lake for the purpose of learning skills and methods from other professionals.

I learned from Doug that climbing is about relationships and there is always more to learn. I have fully adopted that philosophy by working to be observant and relational on outings and willing to share what I have learned and learn that which I don't yet know. I especially enjoy inviting others into the vertical world as it gives folks an opportunity to not only have fun but also to learn more about themselves and others they are with. I enjoy sharing skills I have acquired along my journey.