Kevin Baker


AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
Wilderness First Aid

I have lived around Madison, WI for most of my life and have been climbing for roughly half of it. Climbing wasn’t my first passion and definitely wasn’t something I saw as a career when I first started. It was fun though, and the more I climbed, the more I grew within myself and into the climbing community. 

My first climbing experience was at friend’s birthday party at Boulders Climbing Gym. I soon joined the climbing team to fill free time during the baseball off-season. I turned out I was better at climbing then I was at baseball, so I began finding ways to spend all my time at the gym: vacuuming, running birthday parties, teaching groups, leading camps and finally getting on weekend desk shifts. 

I worked my way through the ranks and even held management positions before realizing my true passion is ROUTESETTING. Routesetting pulls and pushes all my strengths and weaknesses. Coming from an art background, I approach routesetting as an artistic craft. From the way the climb looks on the wall, to the way climbers move through a problem, my sets puzzle out how to make someone move the way I want them to. It’s all art, and it’s all fun. 

Indoor climbing naturally lead to outdoor climbing. I love climbing outside and find myself in the gym on really nice days way too often. Guiding helps me get out and share my knowledge. Watching people push past doubts about their strengths and abilities and get on top of a climb or boulder is inspiring. It gets me psyched to see others enjoy and explore what climbing has to offer.

Can’t wait to see you out. Get psyched.