Dawson Robb

Dawson Robb leads Sunken Pillar (5.5) at the Balanced Rock Wall.

Dawson Robb leads Sunken Pillar (5.5) at the Balanced Rock Wall.


I'm not a Wisconsin native, though I eat cheese curds like one. My child and teenage years let me experience a number of places: Dallas TX, Lakenheath England, and rounding out high school, Tacoma WA. I've called Madison home for over fifteen years now, by far the longest I've lived in one place. Ultimate frisbee, craft brews, deep fried curds, beautiful lakes, canoeing, and climbing. What's not to love?

Nick offered to share his love of climbing when we first met in Madison. Climbing wasn't on my radar, I had backpacked and canoed for years but had never climbed rocks. Honestly, I turned him down the first two times he offered. When he finally got me on the rock at Devil's Lake I understood. It's just plain fun. Plus, the mental and physical puzzles rock climbing presents you with are a unique way to experience nature. 

Wanting to share those fun climbing days lead me into guiding trips and teaching anchors courses. One of the very best parts of guiding is spending a day with cool people doing something fun and challenging.