Bridger Mann-Wood

Bridger Mann-Wood with his dad and dog.

Assistant Instructor

Although I reside in Wisconsin, I grew up in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains in Lander, Wyoming. This town is famous for two things: traffic jams caused by herding cattle down main street, and rock climbing!

Ironically, I didn’t discover my love of climbing until I moved to Madison to study Geology and Geophysics at UW. I missed spending all of my free time in the mountains, so I joined the Mountaineering Club…which was less focused on mountains and more focused on rock climbing at Devil’s Lake! I learned everything I know about climbing right here at the Lake, and I take it with me every time I head back to Wyoming.

As an aspiring high school science teacher, I get to spend a lot of time teaching youth, and a lot of (summer) time traveling and climbing!