Aaron Gustafson

Wilderness First Responder

Known in certain circles as the "King of the campfire stories,” Aaron's adventure tales run the gamut, from sleeping with buffalo, to _________, to epic tales of climbing adventure.

Aaron is truly a man of the mountains. He spent his early years in the Swiss Alps, which surely influenced his young heart and mind. After his family returned to the Midwest, many visits to the American Rockies in his teens further fed his interest in mountains and alpine exploration. Hiking and climbing in the mountains became a huge part of his life.

Aaron developed a passion for the alpine environment, the realm or rock, ice and snow above tree line. His love for ice climbing began at age xx, with trip to _____. Even since, alpine climbing and traveling has been his real hobby.

Aaron spent many years as a professional musician. (more please…)

He even resided in Baraboo for years, just to simply spend every evening on top of the bluff to watch the sunset.

Aaron loves to share his stories and passion for the outdoors, and is always looking for the next big adventure. So let’s create another adventure spending the day climbing together!