Our clients have always been Devils Lake Climbing Guides' greatest embassadors and we rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for our livelihood. If you would like to help others learn about us by sharing your personal experience publicly on the internet, here's how:


Reviews written on our Google+ page are available to every person who searches for us using Google... which is most people. Here's how to review us on Google:

1. Click this link >>> HERE 2. There should be a box in the right-hand window with our logo, a map, and business name. See the little boxes under our name? They read "Directions" and "Write a review." Click "Write a review." 3. If you are not signed into Google, the next prompt will be to do so. 4. Once you are signed in, you can write your review. 5. Just hit "Submit" and you're all set!


TripAdvisor is probably the go-to website for most folks planning vacations. If you'd like to leave a review for us there, please visit our TripAdvisor page.


Facebook is great for showing friends and family the awesome things you've been up to. Please post any photos you have from your trip with us and add a link to our website in the description.


Yelp! is a difficult platform because reviews don't show up unless you are an established Yelper. If you ARE a Yelper with at least a handful of reviews to your name, please review us! If not, your efforts are probably better spent elsewhere, as your reviews won't show up.

Of course, the very best recommendations you can offer on our behalf are to your family and friends. When people are looking for something fun to do, please let them know about your rock climbing experience and ask them to consider it themselves.

Thank you!