Thanks for your interest in working with us. Devils Lake Climbing Guides enjoys a fantastic staff of professional outdoor educators with strong roots in education and outdoor adventure. We don’t actively solicit applications, but we are always looking for the right people.


Apprentice Instructors support Lead & Assistant Instructors in running trips and courses. They must have some climbing experience, and be competent and confident in belay skills.

Apprentices are generally not very experienced, but keen to learn new skills and fit in wherever they can. They are responsible, professional and eager to develop their abilities.

Assistant Instructors support Lead Guides in running trips and courses in accordance with their experience and training. Most new staff start with DLCG as assistants; those driven to develop their skills and teaching abilities train toward leading their own trips.


Lead trips one on one or up to 4 clients alone, or with Assistant Instructor(s) for larger groups. Clients range in ability from never climbed before to very experienced.

Trip planning, client and Assistant Instructor(s) communication prior to trip, equipment management, client management and general awesomeness.

Terrain Familiarity
Must be familiar with all major climbing or bouldering areas at Devil’s Lake State park.

Lead Instructors teach fundamental rock climbing skills to myriad groups of friends, families and organizations. They also teach aspiring climbers intermediate rockcraft in our Climbing Anchors and Lead Climbing courses.

Required Certifications: AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, Wilderness First Responder

Lead instructors teach fundamental bouldering skills one on one or in groups for a variety of abilities.

Required Certifications: Wilderness First Responder


DLCG instructors enjoy the highest pay rates for climbing instructors in the Midwest. We also hire and pay our instructors as W4 employees (as opposed to independent contractors) to provide them with worker's compensation insurance and keep in accordance with Wisconsin and federal employment law.


The old adages, “The more you guide the less you climb” and “Clients are always trying to kill you” are true. Waking up super early and being “on” is required but not always natural. Re-planning all your routes and the flow of the day on the approach because the emails didn’t capture it all, isn’t uncommon. Helping people have an “engaging outdoor climbing experience” is the target continually strived for. Feeling like your guiding job isn’t work and really you ended up hanging out with some really cool people for 7 hours and got paid for doing it, is the norm.

Employment Inquiry

If you're still interested in joining the Devils Lake Climbing Guides team, please “click” the button below to fill out an introductory form. If we are interested in your application, we will inquire further and possibly invite you to shadow a guided day with us so we can get to know each other better.