Tools of the Trade


While setting up Devils Lake climbing anchors takes a good deal of gear, you don't need much equipment to actually climb. The essential items are:

    • A Harness - Your harness is a comfy body-basket keeping you connected to your rope, anchor, and belayer. Your harness should fit snugly and comfortably; most people don't even notice their harness after wearing it for a few minutes. If (when) you fall while climbing, you only fall a few inches until you are caught by your harness and find yourself sitting down (in the air) and literally hanging out. Nice!
    • A Helmet - Your helmet protects you from bumping your head and from anything that might fall from the sky when you're at the bottom of a cliff. Gotta protect your most important muscle!
    • Climbing Shoes - Like magical suction cups (well, not quite like that), your climbing shoes help you step on and stick to ledges and crevices you'd never think possible. Generally, climbers don't wear socks while climbing so we can get a more direct feeling for the subtleties of the rock.

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